A Record Breaking Series for the Cavaliers…and Social Media

How Did Social Media Fare During The Finals?

The 2016 NBA Finals wrapped up last Sunday as the Cleveland Cavaliers broke the 52 year Cleveland sports championship drought. A record-setting series as the Cavaliers managed to win the series after being down 3 games to 1, the first time a team has done so. This championship final was the most watched series since Michael Jordan and the 1998 Bulls won Michael his 6th and final ring. Game seven ranks third all-time most watched NBA Finals game with an average of 30 million viewers and peaked at 44.807 million viewers. It was also the most digitally watched finals game in China history, drawing 15.3 million viewers. While all these records are impressive, the social media aspect of the game set the biggest records of the series.

On Facebook, the Cavs-Warriors series was the most talked about NBA series in the social media age with 43 million people either posting, liking, commenting, or sharing posts. The tally of all these modes of communication was around 269 million.

On Twitter, users were posting about game seven of the finals 337,000 per minute which is the top-tweeted moment in finals history and, so far, the most tweeted point in US sports history. On Vine, the NBA was ranked as the number one account (most loops) over the week of game five, six, and seven.

The After-Effects

The NBA Finals was an exciting time for Cleveland sports fans, as they were able to witness greatness at its peak. Although The Shot, The Block, and The Stop are all pivotal moments in game seven, so were The Likes, The Follows, and The Shares. The NBA generated 1.9 billion page views and 1.4 billion video views which shattered the NBA record set by last years NBA Finals. These page views eventually led to their own NBAStore.com. The visits generated by their social media pages led to the highest sales day in the history of the website. It destroyed the old record by selling 50% more items than last years’ record-setting day.

The NBA Finals involved record setting performances, but the social media aspect of the finals was just as impressive. Social media has become ever-present in sports. The NBA capitalized on and exciting, gripping Finals week and are reaping the benefits by gaining more followers and like, but also monetizing their accounts through apparel sales. The NBA is the most followed and liked professional sports account in America which has led to these social media records being broken.

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