Why Consistent NAP Listings are Important to Local SEO

Local SEO is important to all companies and organizations that want to appear in search results locally. However, there are a lot of elements involved in crafting a successful local SEO plan. One of the most important factors being consistent NAP listings.

What is NAP?

NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, Phone. Remember the days of flipping through a large Yellow Pages book to find the contact information of every business imaginable? These books are still available today, but most people would rather turn to the web to search for a company’s phone number or address.

Today, there are many more directory listing sources than just Yellow Pages. Actually, there are hundreds of listing sites on the web that your company needs to appear. However, it is important to do more than just be listed on these sites. You must guarantee that the Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) are consistent and accurate across all platforms.

Why is NAP Consistency Important?

Google relies on confidence to provide the best search results to its users. A website is determined to be a credible source if the information on the site and about the company is accurate and relevant. Part of this ranking comes from NAP consistency across the web.

When ranking a website, Google compares every NAP listing for consistency. If there are multiple listings that contain conflicting information, Google loses confidence in the website. Additionally, if information is missing from multiple directory sources, Google loses confidence in the website. The search engine cannot guarantee what information is accurate so they are less likely to show the contact information at all.

How to Create NAP Consistency

The first step to creating NAP Consistency is determining how your company is listed on all directory sites. You can do this by running a free scan online here. In seconds, you can review a free report on all the listings of your company and determine the areas that need fixed.

Fixing inaccurate NAP listings is not an easy task. Without the right tools, a company could spend months trying to fix all listings with little to no success. It is best to hire an SEO company that can provide the service for you with little to no stress.


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