Happy Mother’s Day to our Focal Point Moms

On behalf of Mother’s Day we created something special about all of our Focal Point moms! As social media marketers, we have our specific way that we go about using social media, but how are our families using it? Here is how our moms are using social media on a daily basis. Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!

Shon Christy

The way my mom uses social media is pretty funny!  She is on Facebook often but doesn’t want to have her own profile so she uses my dad’s profile.  Anytime we get a like from my “Neil Christy” we know it’s my mom.

Another thing I noticed is that she never makes comments or shares, she is a one trick pony with the like button on Facebook!  As I write this I am starting to think maybe it’s a training issue and that she may know someone that could help her out (Wink Emoji)!  Happy Mother’s Day!!




Morgan Smith

My mom is so funny when it comes to social media. Anytime any of my friends or co-workers request to be her friend she is so excited. She insists on calling me to personally tell me how nice it was that “Shon Christy” requested to be her friend on Facebook.

Ever since I have been at Focal Point she has been the queen of our page engagement. You won’t see a Focal Point post that wasn’t liked by “Cindy Lojek.” Thanks for the support Mom. Love you and Happy Mother’s Day!




Paige Purtz

My mom loves finding things at flea markets and decorating, so she uses Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. She is always sending me things I would love on Pinterest!

She also uses Facebook to stay in touch with our out of town family!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I am so thankful for you! 






Athena Toth

Facebook helps my mom stay in touch with our out of state relatives. My sister lives in California and we have family all across the country, in

Greece, and in Hungary. Mom loves to go on Facebook to see what everyone is up to!

My mom is also a fantastic cook and enjoys finding fun and new recipes on social media that she can try out at home.  Happy Mother’s Day mom! I love and appreciate you.


Mike Schrich

My mom uses Facebook on a daily basis. She is pretty predictable when it comes to her posts.  You can always expect her to share her photos of pets, guitars, the family and of course job-related memes.
She also loves to share anything about my jazz band, Blu Monsoon. Thanks for the extra marketing assistance mom and Happy Mother’s Day!

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