Love is in the air, Why not use Social Media to Share #HappyValentinesDay

As a social media marketer, my job relies highly on my ability to create engaging content. I am constantly thinking about what I can create and post about that will get my audience engaged on social media. A great way to do this is by creating timely content. Whether that be by creating content based on exciting things going on in the community, the world, or my personal favorite….holidays! With Valentine’s Day happening tomorrow I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas on how to use “the holiday of love” and social media to remind your audience why they love your brand and organizations.

1. Run a Contest:

Everyone loves a little friendly competition. I mean who doesn’t like winning something? Running a social media contest gets your audience engaged and excited about your brand. A Valentine’s Day social media contest could be something simple like….

       “Valentine’s Day is coming soon, spread the love, like our page, and share this post for your chance to win (selected incentive).” Then create a fancy graphic of the prize and you are on your way to experience extreme audience growth!

2. Offer a Valentine’s Day special:

Valentine’s Day is a reason to celebrate. Whether that means, celebrating by going out to a fun restaurant, going to see a new movie, or buying your special someone a gift. Social Media is a great place to showcase specials and gain new loyal customers.

Kay Jewelers did an amazing job with their Valentine’s Day promotion this year. They promoted their 20 percent off special all over social media linking their audience right to their website, but they didn’t stop there! Once on their page, they provided a digital “gift guide” to help shoppers find their special someone the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. Making things as simple as possible for your audience is key to making any ad successful!

3. Showcase your amazing employees:

Valentine’s Day is only one of the many holidays that gives businesses a chance to showcase their employees having fun and enjoying the work they do on a daily basis. You could do anything from promoting a company Valentine’s Day party or even employee valentine highlights saying why you’re lucky to have them as part of your team. Here at Focal Point instead of Valentine’s Day, we celebrated “Focal-tine’s Day” during our Monday morning meeting! We take advantage of every chance we get to celebrate our amazing company and amazing team! We would love to see how your company celebrates!

4. Create a brand related hashtag:

Hashtags are a great way to promote your business on social media. The possibilities are endless. Create a hashtag that represents your brand for Valentine’s Day and have your audience share something like their favorite Valentine’s Day treat, memory, quote, etc. That is the beauty of social media, you can be as creative as you want.

One of my favorite examples of this technique of this is NECCO Sweethearts and their #TweetHearts campaign from 2014. It is fun, catchy, and engaging!

These are only a few ideas of what you and your brand can do to use holidays such as Valentine’s Day to your advantage for social media marketing. Social media is constantly changing and the only limit is your imagination. So have fun and….Happy Valentine’s Day!

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