Make Your Sweetie the Focal Point of Your Day the Akron Way


Happy Sweetest Day! Whether you believe it’s a “real” holiday or not, Sweetest Day is a great opportunity to show your loved one they are the “focal point” of your life! Here are three ways to celebrate Sweetest Day the Akron way.

  1. Pick Up a Bouquet from Highland Square’s Mustard Seed Market and Cafe
    The Mustard Seed, Akron’s Highland Square Neighborhood’s newest grocery store, has a great variety of flowers that will be sure to make your sweetie feel special.
  2. There’s Nothing Sweeter in Akron Than Sweet Mary’s Bakery
    Satisfy your loved one’s sweet tooth with handmade cookies, cakes, pies, and more!
  3. Don’t Miss The Nervous Dog’s Real Pumpkin Latte
    Cozy up to your significant other and celebrate fall together with a specialty from one of Akron’s favorite coffee shops (and Focal Point’s neighbor)!



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