It’s Not About Luck…Why It Is Critical To Have a Strategy Behind Your Organization’s Social Media Presence

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! The holiday of luck got me thinking about how many times people don’t take their brand on social media seriously. They think that it is all about luck. They post here and there in hopes that something comes from it, but don’t truly have an understanding as to why one post works better than another. At Focal Point we are constantly researching how we can formulate the most effective social media strategies for our clients. After learning about the specific organization, who they are, what they represent, who their target audience is, and what they want to achieve from social we are then able to construct a custom strategy of what platforms to utilize and how.

         When working with social platforms everyday, writing content, constructing ads, and researching post analytics you quickly realize how technical social media can be…that is if you want it to produce great results for your business, and who doesn’t want that?

So many times I hear business professionals talking about how they know social media is important for their business, but they don’t have the time to do it. Business professionals that are able to squeeze in a post once in awhile create a Facebook page post a few times hoping to get lucky and gain a few engagement then neglected the page for months at a time. What a many people don’t know is that a neglected Facebook page could actually be hurting their businesses reputation instead of enhancing it.  

A recent report released by Sprout Social revealed that 58.9 percent of millennials, 50.4 percent of Gen X, and 55 percent of Baby Boomers frequently prefer to follow a brand on social media before buying a product.


More than half of your customers are going to Facebook before even thinking about choosing a product or service. Don’t you want your brand to be where your target audience is? It is clear that consumers associate a strong social presence with success. Aside from building brand awareness, seeing brands provide relevant content reminding people that they are experts in their industry builds trust. If they see a neglected Facebook Page it creates apprehension as opposed to trust.

Your customers are are on social, therefore your business should be and it is crucial that your page is an accurate representation of your brand. You are the expert in your industry, so how do you let your audience know that? By creating a strong social media strategy, knowing your audience, where they are, when they are on social and of course why!

Social media is so much more than just posting a few times and checking the box that your social media tasks are done for the day. When it is used correctly and a proper strategy is executed it can not only increase sales, but your site’s SEO, build brand loyalty, create customer relationships, and generate leads.

This may all sound intimidating and we understand that, but that is where Focal Point comes in! Outsourcing your social media not only saves you time but drives results. You have access to social media experts at your fingertips. Social media is a technical industry that is constantly changing. We are the ones that stay up to date with social trends, algorithms, and changes. You are able get the results your business has always dreamed of without having to take the time to research and execute it. Stay tuned for more information about outsourcing, but in the meantime start thinking about your businesses presence on social. Is it living up to its fullest potential? Do you have a proper strategy in place or are you relying on luck?

Don’t leave anything up to chance! Give us a call today!

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