Mark Krohn


Mark is a member of the Corporate & Securities practice group. He has extensive experience representing businesses in critical strategic initiatives, including planning, growth, contract negotiation, succession planning, estate planning, risk management, asset protection and synergistic partnerships. When people are dealing with their most pressing business, personal and philanthropic challenges, they call Mark. In addition to his legal work, Mark also serves as Chairman to a regional private investment firm, Co-Founder/Chairman of a regional not-for-profit consulting company, Chairman of a social media and marketing company and is the Chief Operating Officer of a technology consulting company.

Athena Toth

Senior Social Media Specialist

Athena is a recent graduate Magna Cum Laude from Kent State University with a dual Bachelor’s of Business Administration Degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing as well as two minors; International Business and Music Technology. As anyone reading this has probably already noticed, she had trouble narrowing down my interests and choosing what to study.

She knew since her 10th grade Economics class that she wanted to be involved in business, but she also had many other interests, too. She love language and travel. This stems from many years of Greek school (yes, just like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and from studying Spanish from the 8th grade on. Her deepest passion is music. She began playing the trumpet in the 4th grade and was involved in every band program Nordonia High School had to offer.

Athena first started using social media marketing, although didn’t realize it at the time, when she launched a Musician page on Facebook in 2012 to share the music she wrote. She also began using Facebook in many of her classes for a variety of projects, and it quickly developed into my favorite social media platform. Facebook has so many great tools for small businesses, musicians, and nonprofits, and does a great job staying on top of trends. As soon as a new and exciting platform comes out and starts to gain users, Facebook either buys them out or updates itself with similar features. Everything you could ever need is on Facebook, which is probably why she doesn’t get out much.

She thinks the best part about working here at Focal Point is that everyday is a learning experience. Social Media is constantly changing, and everyone here works hard to stay on top of the latest and greatest tools to help our clients grow their businesses or fund their causes!

Paige Purtz

Social Media Specialist

Whether is has been Myspace, AIM, Facebook, or Instagram, Paige has always loved all things social media. Her degree from The University of Akron in Public Relations sparked her passion for social media marketing strategy. Paige had experience in content management for non-profits in the Akron area before joining the Focal Point team in 2016. One of her favorite things about social media is the sense of community it can create.

As an Akron native, Paige loves her city and the people in it. She is passionate about her faith and hopes to do inner city children’s ministry with her fiancè, Sam, in the future. In her spare time, Paige is a photographer and loves reading in coffee shops, spending time outside, and Netflix marathons.

Morgan Smith


With a passion for creativity and detail, Morgan fell in love with the Marketing industry. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at the University of Akron, December 2016.

She loves the concept of starting from something small and watching it grow into something incredible. Social media marketing does just that by finding a way to make a few sentences or even just 140 characters engaging and then watching it help businesses grow.

She feels blessed to have found a career that allows her to utilize her love to write and meet new people. She is proud to say she is a workaholic and is so glad to be able to put her drive into something she is passionate about.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her fiance and her Cat, Abby. She loves anything that is pink, sparkles, and of course Pinterest!