Seeing is Believing…Social Media Bringing Business to Optometry

When I started my career in social media marketing, I never imagined the amount of thought, detail, and strategy that went into it creating and deploying content. Unlike what most people and businesses believe, it is so much more than just posting a picture or fun fact here and there in an attempt to get your business’ name some exposure.

Sure, posting a picture or information may make you somewhat visible to a few people, but is the picture or post really reinforcing all the great things about your brand, company, and services? Is it telling your story? Is it really answering the questions that your consumers have? Is it strategic and utilizing all of the opportunities social media can provide for your business? If not, then you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to reach and engage with thousands of potential customers!

Just this week I had a great reminder that social media really does drive sales, which I will get into later! I received a phone call that put the biggest smile on my face. It was from a client in Nevada, Pritchett Eye Care Associates. They had previously not been using social media to market their eye care practice and realized that social media has become such a critical marketing component and they needed to be taking advantage of it!

Rather than employ the old trial and error method of posting on their own, they decided to hire Focal Point Social Media to develop a strategic plan of attack, at the suggestion of their international lens manufacturer, Zeiss.

We discussed their practice, physicians, patients, approach, needs and desires. We used all of this information to create compelling content that was sure to engage the masses around their practice. As a result, we created a post on Facebook about a promotional discount they offer for senior citizens.

This brings me to why our phone call made me smile. Our client informed me that from posting that one promotion their phones were “ringing off the hook!” They expressed how much they appreciated our approach, thoughtfulness, our attention to detail and of course the results. After that discount was promoted on Facebook, Pritchett received over 100 phone calls from people in the area interested in their services and wanted to learn more. Now that is music to any marketers ears and fulfilling in so many ways. The popular post appears below:

This one single post not only informed their audience about the promotion, but it also shared insight about their audience, who they are, what they are interested in, and what they want. The feedback they received on this post showed them that they have a huge senior citizen following that they didn’t even realize they had before. Now they were not only aware but they can now begin converting and serving a customer base in a much more efficient way. This is a great realization for any business and further proof that social media reaches each and every age level and demographic.The more you can learn about your audience, the easier it is to create engaging content…which clearly results in sales!

I am so excited for the social media future for Pritchett Eye Care and Associates and the sales that they will generate. They now understand that social media is where our society lives, breathes, and communicates. With Focal Point’s assistance as its outsourced social media provider, they will be able to continue to take advantage of that. They are so excited to share what their practice is all about. Whether that be sharing stories about their doctors, success stories of happy clients, or sharing about their charitable work in the community. They are proud of what Pritchett Eye Care and Associates represents and they want to share it with Nevada and guess what? their customers love it too.

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