Social Media Supporting Nonprofits

We continuously see the impact social media has for our clients. One way that we achieve these results is by working side by side with our clients through the promotion of their events. We wanted to share one of our recent success stories with a nationally known non-profit.

We had the privilege of assisting Edwin Hubbard and his team with the promotion of an event campaign that has consistently experienced highs over the past couple years. The organization had not previously used social media to promote the event, but with the addition of social media this year, revenue increased 30 percent from the year before!

“Focal Point has an incredible staff.

Anyone interested in growing their business should consider

using Focal Point.” – Edwin Hubbard

Social media helped drive awareness of the campaign, increase event attendance, sponsorships, as well as donations. For the entire month before the event we created posts promoting all of the exciting things to look forward to at the event and of course who would benefit from guests attending. We created custom audiences guided towards who would most likely attend the event as well as who’s hearts would be touched by the cause the most.

But promoting the event ahead of time was just the beginning!

During the event we created, managed and drove a social media socialcast that transmitted the energy and excitement at the event to hundreds of thousands of people, allowing the event attendees to get involved and creates conversations around the non-profit, its work and the event.

After events we always provide our clients with a full report on the additional exposure that the socialcast provided.

The success from our social media efforts not only helped our client, but it helped support an amazing cause. What can Focal Point do for you?

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